First Wedding Anniversary Unique Gift Ideas

Published: 06th August 2010
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So, it's been one year of togetherness and you did not even realize! That's the beauty of being in the company of the one you love. You enjoy each other so much that you do not even know when weeks become months and months become a year.

No matter how many years you may have dated for before you two got married, the first wedding anniversary is always a special occasion and one which you have to give your partner something special. After all, you've spent a year as a married couple and it is a big deal!

Every anniversary in a couple's life is a symbolic marker of commitment, adventure and love. With each passing year, the bond strengthens, fortified by all the shared experiences a year can carry.

The wedding anniversary gift chosen is usually based on the number of years a couple has been married. The longer the number of years past since the wedding couple has been married, the more precious the material (symbol) associated with it.

Anniversaries are celebrations of memories. Every anniversary in a couple's life is a symbolic marker of commitment, adventure and love.

Here are some interesting ideas on First Anniversary Gift from which you can take inspiration.

A Weekend Far Away!
Plan a weekend away for just the two of you to some picturesque place, away from the noise and chaos of the city. Or if there is a place where you two went for a holiday together for the first time.

Romantic Dinner
As is said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so why not cook for him his favorite dishes on your first anniversary?

Photo Frame
Put your best photograph in the frame, tie a red ribbon bow around it and gift it to him.

A Piece of Art
If the special someone in your life appreciates art, then you can consider a painting about love and life as first wedding anniversary gift for him. The artworks feature love quotes, sayings, and inspirational poetry from well known authors, poets and philosophers.

Paper Gifts
If you plan to go all traditional, then make a gift for him on your first anniversary with paper. There are many quirky paper gift ideas like a "message in a bottle", where you can use a personalized poem, romantic letter or treasure map and roll it tightly tying it off with ribbon or string.

A Music CD
There is nothing more romantic than listening to some really good love songs together on your first anniversary.

If your partner likes to read novels, give him a book written by their favorite author and you can watch a smile light up their face.

Apart from these you can give him lots of gifts like perfumes, branded watch, electronic gadgets like I-pod, LCD TV, laptop etc. and scrapbook which is made by you.

I hope you liked these ideas on first year anniversary gifts for him. Most men usually pretend that gifts and such small romantic gestures are not important. But believe me when you do throw a surprise at him, he will love you even more for your effort and the thought behind it.

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